Passion & Dream.

Have you ever been to a seminar, or a talk, or maybe just listen to your friend or someone talks about their passion, so light up telling their stories and experiences, and what makes and helps them achieve their goals, and then, between stories, they would pause or stop and says something like; “Oh, I’m sorry. I just got so excited” or “Sorry, I know this is boring”?

Have you ever witnessed or seen something like that?

It is because along their way to success, or maybe, it was some point at their life, when they’re trying to do or make something for themselves, someone they respected told them to stop talking, things like; “Shut up, nobody cares about that” or “Stop talking, your idea is stupid” or even worse, making fun of them and their dreams.

And ever since then, they can’t talk about their favorite things, their passion, or their dreams without apologizing about it every 5 minutes.

That is sad.

I know exactly how that feels.

But the thing about passion is, you don’t need other people to do it. The thing about passion, and your dream is within you, you want it, you will get it. Given that you work hard for it. All the negative people and obstacles in the world can’t stop you to achieve your dream, to do what makes you passionate.

Passion and dream is something you won’t feel bad for doing. It is what we live for. The bigger your life’s goal is, the bigger your dream is, the more passionate you’ll be.

You will always meet someone who hated you for it, of course. Not everyone is going to like you and your idea, your passion or what you do. But, that shouldn’t be in your way.

Be strong and power-through. Live your life for it. No matter how hard they knock you down, get the fuck up, and keep chasing your dream. Do some part in someone’s dream or passion, it will keep you passionate as well. No matter how small that part is. Believe in others, and believe in yourself.

Passion, is what makes your dream alive. And hard work, will help you success. Live for it.